Dining tables based on different areas of the world

This world has some magnificent sites. No matter which continent you travel to, you are always likely to witness something astonishing and completely unique in comparison to the continent that you live within. When you are enjoying your travels, returning home can feel like a chore, and once you have been hit with a heavy dose of the ‘travel bug,’ it becomes increasingly difficult. You want to stay and re-live the joyful experiences forever!


Returning to mundane living habits where you work a standard 9:00 – 5:00 workday, getting up, going to work, sleeping before repeating the cycle – is a drag. We know this because it is so hard to get back into the routine - our minds are constantly telling us we want to be somewhere else. This is even felt after just a two-day weekend. So why do we put ourselves through it?


Well, the main reason is money! We need to work in order to live, and also to fund the net batch of travels. If only, then, there was a way to make day to day living more exciting. A way to remember and re-live those exciting travel memories.


Here at TDK Prod, we aim to help you generate your memories. Our team of expert designers and dining room table manufacturers have teamed up to give your household a dose of that travel bug, enabling you to keep thinking about those delightful memories. Our portfolio of tables looks at some of the more beautiful sites and attractions from all across the globe, so that when you sit down to eat your evening meal, you can do so whilst imagining that you are situated in your favourite location. If you can’t be travelling all the time, let us bring your destinations to you!




Our collection of dining room tables looks at some of the most popular and scenic sites around Europe. You could eat your dinner whilst viewing the Eiffel Tower, or feed yourself pizza whilst imagining yourself at the Colosseum in Rome. We also have a range of tables looking in sites in London, such as Trafalgar Square, St Paul’s Cathedral and Buckingham Palace.




From the ‘Great Wall of China’ to the ‘Himalayas,’ our range of dining room tables recreates some of Asia’s most splendid attractions and sites. Imagine you are immersed in a vibrant, colourful location as you order and eat your takeaway curry!



Whether it be Victoria Falls or the pyramids in Egypt, Africa provides a stunning, bright backdrop for a range of splendid scenes. Take your dinner to the world’s second largest continent and develop the travel bug whilst you eat. A complete contrast to a rainy evening in the middle of Manchester, our African dinner tables are sure to brighten your mood.


North America


North America is rich with history, and as the Frontiers found back in the 19th century, contains a plethora of stunning visual sites. Our collection from North America aims to recreate some of the more interesting visuals throughout the continent’s fascinating past, focusing on Canadian Lakes, New York city life, and Mexican castles and cathedrals. We all know and (most of us) love food that comes from North America, why not eat a burrito or burger whilst enjoying the sites?


South America


South America is an amazing continent, having visuals such as the Salt Flats in Bolivia, and Angel Falls in Venezuela. If you are lucky enough to have travelled to this continent, you will be amazed by its beauty and diversity: so much so that you are likely to want to bring something home with you to remember it by. If you weren’t able to do so, you can still recreate the scenery from the comfort of your own dining room! Words cannot express the emotions this continent is capable of bringing, so display your memories through our stylish range of dining room tables.




If you have never travelled to Antarctica, you will not know how much you are missing out on. Antarctica is a place unlike anywhere else on the planet. Our table collection from Antarctica recreates incredible wildlife scenery; you could be spending supper with penguins or whales or having iced tea whilst marvelling at icebergs. Even if you’ve never been, or have no intention of visiting Antarctica, these dinner tables are still a fascinating feature for any dining room.




We are never short of designs for our Australian collection! You could choose to have breakfast at Bondi Beach, or eat grapes in the Great Barrier Reef. Australia provides some stunning backdrops, and is an extremely popular continent for British holiday makers and backpackers. Recreate your memories, or feed your imagination for your next trip by taking advantage of our Australian range of dinner tables.



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